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Modern tailor made leadership and soft skills development

Collaboration 4.0

Time zones, language barriers, cultural differences – how can we master the challenges of globalisation? How should we shape the corporate culture for the future? How can we navigate our increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA)world and be successful in times of digital transformation?


CLS is your competent and reliable partner for tailor-made in-house training. We use advanced, innovative and robust concepts for leadership and soft skills development; locally, nationally, internationally with our team of experienced trainers and facilitators.


CLS training is always experiential and practice-based. Our aim is to enable course participants to apply new skills and knowledge straight away in their workplace, as the course design is orientated towards their daily needs. We accomplish this by emphasising the serious nature of training and, at the same time, making it engaging, exciting and fun. 

We use and mix a wide range of media and methods to reflect the reality of today’s workplaces where virtual and real collaboration overlap all the time. 


Only through continuous learning and development can we face the ever changing challenges of the daily business in the 21st century in a successful and sustainable way.

Our solutions are based on thoroughly researched needs analyses and clearly identified and agreed required organizational and staff outcomes. Accordingly, we always seek to ensure that our training interventions provide demonstrable, positive, measurable results. 

About Us

CLS is a specialist in Soft Skills and Management and Leadership Training and Coaching, with a strong track record in working with international public and corporate organisations. Our expertise lies in modular leadership and management programmes and a wide range of personal and interpersonal skills training and coaching, developed over the company’s 12-year history.

Expert statements

„How to cooperate successfully? How to secure the future of our organization? How to make the right decision in times of continuous change, complexity and rapid technological development? What behaviors will bring us forward? These are questions we try to address and answer together with the participants in our training interventions.“
Georgia Shaw
Sales Director
Since founding CLS 10 years ago, the consistent feedback we get from our clients is that “we really listen”. All our programmes are bespoke, tailored to each organisation’s needs, but all of them embody our ethos of linking work to learning, and taking learning to work.
Mark Latham
Founder & Managing Director
„We are the first generation of humans in history that has to absorb so much information, make decisions so visibly and communicate so rapidly. There is no precedent. But working across many global organisations, we at CLS are gathering and sharing new, effective practices that help busy professionals succeed in the turbulent, wonderful environment of the 21st century.“
Amer Jabry
Deputy Managing Director

Our approach

Your realities:
Our tailor-made modular leadership development programmes, often designed as Blended Learning, are targeted at the different management levels and leadership categories in your organization. We don’t re-invent the wheel every time we develop a new programme, but also nothing is delivered “off-the-shelf”. We listen carefully.

In partnership:
we invest time and effort to fully understand the resultant improvement you wish to see.

With care:
only when we are clear about what you need and what fits, we come up with a proposal.

With lasting impact:
we wish to be evaluated on the basis of measurable and recognizable progress and change.

With highest quality:
whether it is a local two-day seminar or an international 15-month programme, our claim is always to provide a state-of-the-art and best-in-class service to you.

Our methods

CLS training solutions focus on exchange, discovery, inspiration and reflection. Real change in behavior and attitude is achieved through experiential learning. We understand how adults learn.

Cases, activities and exercises are taken from your reality

The content we cover in our training is of immediate relevance and applicability.

Our trainers respond to the immediate needs of the participants.

We combine proven management concepts and tools with the latest findings and research.

Our team

CLS trainers see themselves as facilitators, who enable learning, experience and exchange and spark genuine transformations in the participants. Their style is challenging yet always positive and appreciative.

CLS trainers have many years of international training experience.

The CLS trainer network comprises of experts of different backgrounds, for different industries, topics and target groups, in different languages and locations.

CLS trainers are passionate about their work and have impact. They achieve the defined training objectives which result in sustainable development.

Our topics

Our portfolio covers the full range of topics of modern leadership and soft skills development, for example:
- Resilience
- Effective communication
- Innovation and change
- Agile leadership
- Leading virtual teams
- Decision making
- Leading without formal authority
- Performance appraisal
- Customer acquisition
- Personal effectiveness
- Intercultural competencies

What are your topics? Please let us know!

Our references

Our clients are medium-size, family-owned companies and large global corporations as well as public institutions and non-profit organisations.

We are proud of our long-term customer relationships and thank our clients for putting their trust in us.


Aktuelle Beiträge

Our first CLS Conference

“It was great to meet 20 like minded colleagues for a two day CLS conference in Aschau to discuss latest trends and tools.“

Unsere neue Website!

Wir freuen uns, über den Relaunch unserer neuen Website: Jünger, moderner, suchmaschinenoptimiert und endlich auch auf allen Mobile Devices lesbar!


Leadership seminars

In week 13, our colleague, Claudia Ritter, ran two two-day leadership seminars at the Council of Europe in Strasbourg, one in English, one in French. Participants were 22 managers from 9 countries and different professional backgrounds, mostly lawyers and scientists. The aim was to equip them with the mindset and tools to respond to challenges, and motivate their teams in a complex, multidimensional work environment. The building blocks of the seminar were emotional intelligence competencies required for effective leadership.

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