Creating respectful workplaces

Corporate Learning Solutions launches training to tackle bullying and harassment

Corporate Learning Solutions, the leadership and soft skills training specialist, has launched new training to help organisations tackle bullying and harassment.

Based on years of experience, its ‘Respectful Workplace’ training helps organisations to identify and address bullying and harassment and build respectful work environments.

As a result of the rise in allegations of inappropriate behaviour, organisations face growing legal, financial and reputational risks.

The impact of discrimination and harassment goes beyond the victim – such behaviours affect the culture of the entire work environment, and the mental and physical wellbeing, engagement, and productivity of all staff.

Sylvia Sage, programme director at Corporate Learning Solutions, said: “The world is changing fast and many organisations are not ready for the world we now live in. Discrimination and harassment is widespread, and people are no longer turning a blind eye or acquiescing. Thanks to the #metoo movement, inappropriate behaviour is being called out. According to data from the BBC, 50% of British women and 20% of men have been sexually harassed at work or a place of study.

“Inappropriate behaviour and a lack of respect create a dysfunctional team environment. Where such behaviour is left unchallenged, employee morale and business productivity suffer.

“Organisations must be proactive in raising awareness of discrimination and harassment behaviours, build respect, and develop engaged and productive work environments.”

The training from Corporate Learning Solutions has been developed after years of experience in training and coaching in the UK and around the world. It helps organisations and teams to recognise bullying and harassment and gives managers and employees the tools they need to act in defence of themselves and others.

The aim of the training is to help organisations to build respectful and productive workplaces by collectively defining shared team values that all identify with and all agree to live and work by.

Sylvia Sage continued: “Creating shared values helps organisations to make the physical, behavioural and cultural changes that need to happen.

“But the tone must be set from the top and it needs buy-in throughout. Leaders are responsible for the culture created within an organisation and have a major impact on the ability of the team to live a respectful workplace.”

If you’d like to find out more, please contact Sylvia Sage on sylvia.sage@corporate-learning-solutions.eu.