Working and Leading in the new normal

We have all now more or less comfortably settled into the new normal. And we have accepted that this new normal will be the reality we are living in for quite some time. We take on new habits and we might realize that even when things could go back to once was normal, they won’t.

How is your company, team, are your employees adapting?
How are your people coping with uncertainty and change?
What new opportunities have emerged and what innovation are you developing?


It is the responsibility of personnel and organizational development to support the business in securing:

  1. Business Continuity
  2. Staff well being
  3. Seizing opportunities

Team Building cannot happen remotely? Our experience is a different one. Of course, we all enjoy the bear at the bar with colleagues after a day in the meeting room. But if we can’t have it, we can still have fun and learn and engage virtually. New tools such as Mural, Miro, Mentimeter, Sli.do, to name only a few, allow interactive, engaging workshops full of collaboration, which surprise and delight.